Decisions Made

Thanks to friends’ opinions, I’ve decided on gold accent for the new guitar. I also came up with its name: Kijo, the Japanese term for “female demon.”

The one thing I wasn’t happy with in this design is the headstock. While it fits the angles and pointy-ness of the body, it’s too reminiscent of a stock Jackson headstock, even though the body is essentially the Jackson King-V. The company I’m ordering the body & neck from don’t have anything stock that would otherwise fit the aesthetic of the guitar.

As I was working on another woodworking project, though, I started thinking about maybe cutting my own headstock. Of course, that would necessitate some practice ahead of time before I leap in and possibly ruin a $350 custom neck.

eBay to the rescue!

I can buy a spare neck to practice woodworking on for under $40. Highly preferable to working out mental ideas and refine my woodworking technique on a throwaway than the real project, since real life doesn’t have a “revert to snapshot” or “spawn from last save” feature….

Which leads to:

There’s enough material in the paddle headstock of the neck (this blank style is offered by the company making my guitar body, which I just ordered this week) to cut it into the shape illustrated above.

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