Ke Kai – Intro

Hawaiian for “To the Sea.”

After going back and forth with indecision over whether I want a 4-string or 5-string bass, I decided on another 5-string. I also had new ideas for color and finish, so the Ke Kai project will be a bit more advanced practice for this absolute beginner in guitar finishing.

Before I ordered the kit, I ordered a plank of ash and staining supplies to practice the ideas in my head. A friend suggested using prestain conditioner to more evenly distribute the color.

Throughout the practice phase, I had to work through a lot of impatience as well as my current skill level not quite up to the task of what’s in my head, so I’ve compromised and in that effort, I think I’ve come upon a design idea that could be both achievable and unique.

The kit is a 5-string ash-body bass from TheFretwire. After receiving the kit and examining the parts, I’ve determined that it’s of lower quality than the kit I received from Solo. But part of DIY kit building is to make-do with the included hardware until/unless one saves up the money to upgrade over time.

Work will begin later in February when we’re back at the house up north.