Replacing an LCD in a Laptop in About 2 Minutes

With the increasing deployment of Chromebooks in a school environment, there will inevitably be an increase in damage to the LCD screen (laptops as well, of course). But when one breaks, it’s not always necessary to rely on an external service provider who might quote you $150 or more to replace the LCD.

You might as well just buy a new Chromebook for that kind of exorbitant price!

I gained a lot of experience replacing Chromebook screens when one particular school of mine experienced a 45% breakage rate (combination of flimsy construction and carelessness on the part of the student body). When a colleague received a quote from a company for $160 per unit, I laughed heartily, then made this video to show exactly how quick and easy it is to replace a screen.

A few caveats, of course:

  • Each model of computer or Chromebook will be different, but many have the removable bezel as shown in the video.
  • Some may require tools like plastic scribes or “black sticks” to carefully pry apart the bezel.
  • In any case, the more you do it, the easier it gets.
  • A replacement LCD is typically $50 to $60. One third the cost of the quotes we’d received!