More UEFI Fun: Apply Operating System Fails Again and Again

Y’know, I’m just going to stop mentioning 0x80004005 because we all know it’s the most common thing that happens when a deployment craps out, and it’s the least useful error code ever anyway.

The situation was that, on yet another Latitude E7470 with UEFI boot, my Win 10 1703 EDU task sequences are failing at the very early “Apply Operating System” step.  Consistently.  SMSTS.log tells me stuff about the system drive and partitions, so I’m wondering then if it can’t find the drive for some reason.

I do a search on “Unable to find the partition that contains the OS boot loaders. Please ensure the hard disks have been properly partitioned”

CMTrace also identified this information:

Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows) ApplyOperatingSystem 6/16/2017 8:54:50 AM 2004 (0x07D4)

I happened upon Henk’s blog post.  Flippin’ Secure Boot.

I went into BIOS after a reboot, turned off Secure Boot…..and now I’m watching a beautiful vision of task sequence that’s actually applying.


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